I think we all have gifts and passions to help others. I'm here to tell you - you've got a gift that you can monetize and have your own business! Think about all the people who started a business from a coffee table in their living room, a side table in their bedroom, or the kitchen island. 

Think about any room in your house, then think about your skill sets and I bet you could think of a business in less than 10 minutes. The sweet spot: coming up with a business that you love, uses your God-given gifts, that can be monetized and brings you rewards above and beyond the money. 

If you were to say to me, "hey what do you think about this idea?" I'd say, 'Cool, let's try it.' I want you to think about the gifts you have, what are the possibilities, not necessarily what is my business plan? How am I going to get from here to there? Just live in the moment, a possibility. 

I have started 100 businesses. Just off the top of my head I've had a pie business, a card making business, a scrapbooking business, soap making business and a delivery business. I've also had many different jobs. I've worked in an insurance company learning how to be an actuary, worked at a bank-twice once as a file clerk filed checks and as a teller, in a stable tending horses, and as a caddy on a golf course. That was just in my 20's! 

You get the point. Think about all the different jobs you've had, and think about all the different things you do in a day. This is how an entrepreneur operates. We struggle, we multitask, we come up with solutions, we implement the plan and we try again the next day. We keep trying and we keep trying and we keep going forward.