Boundary Setting: It's Personal


How to have a thriving business while keeping your life in balance.

What is a boundary?

The definition of a boundary is: a line that marks the limits of an area; a dividing line. "The Eastern boundary of the wilderness" Synonyms: border, frontier, borderline, partition.  

What is your cutoff point? Where do I begin, and you end? How do you define your boundaries?  

Successful Boundary Setting in Life

There are lots of different kinds of boundaries.

  • Material: these govern whether your give or lend things, such as your paycheck, bike or computer.
  • Physical: relate to your personal space, privacy, and body. Do you kiss someone's cheek or hug them? Do you study with Mozart or quiet jazz? Do you leave the door open when meeting a co-worker or close it?
  • Mental: what are your thoughts? If you have a negative thought, is it allowed to run rampant through your mind all day? Do you have an open mind or steadfast opinions and stereotypes? What are your beliefs, and do you stand by them when someone challenges them?
  • Emotional: can you separate your emotions and be responsible for yours and no one else's? This is where "May the Force be With You" comes into play. You have your own force field that separates you from others, be responsible to yourself for your own feelings.

Something that governs these and a rule that I try to live by: while I recognize that other people in my life have needs and feelings, they are not more important than mine. Remember, you are responsible for your own oxygen mask, in case of turbulence save yourself first!

Save your own life, because later, you may be called on to save many.